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Black Friday and Cyber Monday – What Do Employers Need to Know?

With bargains to be had, excitement about Black Friday and Cyber Monday can spill over to affect employees in the workplace so you may want to be prepared! Possible issues include:

• Misuse of company devices or internet

Employees may be tempted to chase down some deals using your company resources. It’s important to ensure you have a clear policy in place regarding internet use and company devices and that this is effectively communicated to employees. This reduces the likelihood of issues arising. If you have done this and you suspect an employee has breached your rules the first step will usually be to carry out an investigation. Your Employment Law Specialist will be happy to give you practical advice on how to handle your situation.

• Employees being distracted

If you allow some use of personal mobile phones or company devices during working hours, you may find that employees are spending more time using these than usual. If this is distracting them from their work, a quiet word from their manager will usually solve the problem. However, if the matter is more serious contact your Employment Law Specialist for advice.

• Employees calling in ‘sick’ to hunt for bargains

Employees ‘pulling a sickie’ can be a tricky area for employers as whilst you may be suspicious that an employee is not telling the truth, this alone will not be enough to take action against them. Unless you have good grounds for your suspicions, you should treat a sickness absence on Black Friday or Cyber Monday in the same way you would if it fell on any other day – after all the employee may simply have a case of bad timing! Where you feel there is a sufficient basis for investigating a sickness absence, you should contact your Employment Law Specialist to discuss the facts of your case.

• Employees ordering goods to be delivered to work

If an employee has been lucky enough to bag themselves a bargain over the internet, the next challenge comes in getting their hands on it. For many employees it can be difficult to arrange for goods to be delivered whilst they are at home, or they may not want to pay extra for a named delivery slot, so having items delivered to work may be seen as a good solution. It’s up to each employer whether to allow this or not. With the increasing popularity of internet shopping, it’s important to decide what the policy is on this in your organisation and to communicate it clearly.

If you have any employment law matters you would like assistance with, please do not hesitate to contact Kingfisher Professional Services Ltd as we are happy to help.