Site Inspection and Review of Systems

Why do we carry out site reviews

Employers are legally responsible for protecting their employees and ensuring health and safety risks are minimised and controlled.

Health and Safety Site Inspections and the full review of site and systems will determine whether adequate and effective control measures are in place to ensure that;

  • The business has an effective Health and Safety Policy and has implemented it.
  • The business has an action plan which identifies objectives and sets Health and Safety performance objectives.
  • The business has provided resources to implement maintain and continuously improve Health and Safety.
  • Performance standards are monitored and lessons learnt used to raise standards further,
  • Performance standards are understood and followed by all staff within the business.

Our highly experienced Health and Safety Consultants undertake site inspections on a very regular basis and have gained that experience from working on a wide variety of industry sectors monitoring and reporting on Health and Safety compliance.

Our Reviews will:

  • Ensure work activities are undertaken in accordance with Health and Safety legislation
  • Identify non-compliant activities
  • Identify preventative and protective measures in relation to those activities
  • Compile a Management action plan
  • Assess any training requirements
  • Detail any specific Risk Assessments which will be necessary
  • Provide assistance and guidance in how to undertake those assessments

Our Reviews look at;

  • Health and Safety Documentation
  • Working environment
  • Work equipment
  • Training
  • Emergency procedures
  • First aid
  • Environmental issues