HR Spring Clean

A HR spring clean can help your business to thrive! Checking ‘your house is in order’ can save you time by reducing avoidable HR issues, support good performance and even help put you in a better position for dealing with any employee complaints or tribunal claims that arise.

Below are three quick wins to tick off your ‘to do’ list.

Check your policies and practices scrub up well

Employers have had a lot to contend with over the past few years and some HR areas will have had more attention than others. Now is the time to make sure all your policies and practices shine. Ask yourself:

  • Do your policies still accurately reflect the practice in your workplace?
  • Is there anything that could be improved or needs to be changed?
  • Do you know how to safely make changes that affect your employees? It’s always important to seek advice before taking action.

Dust off your training

Training is an important tool when it comes to getting the best out of your employees and protecting your business. Training all staff on  HR matters such as discrimination and harassment as well targeted management training on essential areas like handling disciplinaries can help to prevent issues arising and ensure they are successfully tackled if they do. You should check:

  • What training your employees have had and when it was given
  • Does training need to be refreshed? A failure to ensure training is up to date can impact an employer’s ability to defend tribunal claims in some situations. Don’t get caught out like this employer
  • Are there any training gaps that need to be addressed?
  • Are your managers able to deal with common workplace issues confidently, safely and efficiently?

If you identify that you need to take action in relation to training we can provide a wide variety of bespoke HR training as an additional service.

Brush up on your record keeping

Another HR spring clean hack is to check your organisations record keeping practices – are they up to scratch? Keeping appropriate HR records is vital for employers. From dealing with employee relations issues such as grievances and disciplinaries to defending employment tribunal claims having the evidence and records you need can make all the difference.

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