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National Sickie Day has Arrived!

According to national statistics the first Monday in February is the day when people are most likely to ‘pull a sickie’. If your workplace is looking a little emptier than usual today that may be why!

The popularity of pulling a sickie today could be because it’s the first post-Christmas pay day weekend for a lot of employees, for some getting through January has been a slog or even that it’s the end of dry January for those who have been doing a dry-athlon!

Whilst National Sickie Day is undoubtedly an unfortunate day for an employee to genuinely fall ill, bear in mind that it does happen. That said, if you have good reason to believe that one of your employees is pulling a sickie, you should contact Kingfisher* to discuss the way forward in your case.


*Kingfisher refers to Kingfisher Professional Services Ltd