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The Big HR Spring Clean

It’s not just homes that can benefit from a good spring clean, it’s HR practices and procedures too and the good news is that no dusters are required! Ensuring that your organisation is spick and span can help to reduce HR issues, support productivity and performance and even help you to deal with employee complaints or tribunal claims.

So why not join in the big HR spring clean:

  • Polish your policies and practices

When was the last time you reviewed your workplace policies and practices? If it’s been a while seize the opportunity to  give them the once over! Are they working as well for you as they could? Is there anything that could be improved or would benefit your organisation to change? Do your policies still accurately reflect the practice in your workplace? Over time things change in an organisation so it’s worth assessing whether a ‘polish’ is needed to help some areas sparkle again.

If you identify that changes are needed and these will affect your employees or their terms and conditions, contact Kingfisher* for advice before making any changes.

  • Dust off your workplace rules and procedures

If it’s been a while since you publicised important workplace rules or procedures or you have noticed that things have started to slip a bit in some areas, it can be a good idea to issue a reminder.

Promoting important rules or procedures can help to ensure they are fresh in employees’ minds and can avoid issues occurring, it can also be beneficial to be able to demonstrate that the rules have been clearly communicated if an issue does arise.

If you would like a memo to help you re-communicate your rules/procedures, please contact Kingfisher as we are happy to help.

  • Scrub out problem areas

If you have identified that there are some problem areas in your workplace tackle them sooner rather than later –  you’ll be glad you did! We all have jobs on our to-do lists that are tempting to put off, but it can often be the case that the longer we leave them the worse they get. Whether it’s an employee who is under-performing, minor but persistent misconduct that is starting to drive you mad or employees that are not getting along Kingfisher can help you start to tackle the issue.

  • Brush up your knowledge

Employment law and HR practice are rapidly changing areas and it can be hard to keep pace so why not ensure you are up to date by investing in Kingfisher’s bespoke training? Whether you are an experienced manager or new to HR we can tailor our training  to meet your needs or we can deliver bespoke training at your premises to your employees. We offer training on a wide range of topics including, discrimination, anti-harassment and bullying, disciplinaries and grievances and performance management to name but a few. Contact your Employment Law Specialist for further information and to discuss your training needs.

If you have an employment law matter you would like assistance with, please do not hesitate to contact Kingfisher as we are happy to help.


*Kingfisher refers to Kingfisher Professional Services Ltd