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The Twelve Days of Christmas Day 11: ‘…Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen’

Discovering an employee has been asleep at work is unlikely to lead most managers to wish them tidings of comfort and joy, so what should you do if this happens in your workplace?

  • Don’t jump to conclusions – whilst you may suspect the employee has over done it with the Christmas spirit (of the kind possibly found in a pint glass!), bear in mind  there may be a good reason for their visit to the land of nod, such as a medical condition, which may affect how the matter should be dealt with.
  • Don’t dismiss the employee on the spot – if the employee has two years’ service or more, they can complain that such a dismissal is unfair, that is the case even if sleeping at work is considered gross misconduct.
  • Carry out a reasonable investigation – this will usually involve checking relevant policies, speaking to any witnesses and holding an investigation interview with the suspected ‘snoozer’ to find out all the relevant facts.
  • Establish whether it’s appropriate to take disciplinary action in the circumstances. It’s important to seek advice on the facts of your case from Kingfisher Professional Services Ltd.

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