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Health and Safety Training Courses

The benefits of effective Health and Safety Training for your business are enormous.

Not only will it help reduce absences, accidents, financial costs, and stress, but certain training on Health & Safety is also a legal requirement.

Our H&S Training courses are delivered by qualified professionals, with years of industry experience. 

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IOSH Managing Safely

Aimed at line managers in any sector and is designed to provide confidence and enthusiasm for workplace safety.

IOSH Working Safely

Aimed at anyone and everyone in a working role who wants to learn the basics of safety and health.

General H&S Awareness

An introduction to Health & Safety which is appropriate for all members of staff, regardless of industry.

Principles of risk assessment

This is a course for anyone who has the responsibility of conducting risk assessments in the workplace.

DSE Awareness

A Display Screen and Equipment Awareness Course for any manager appointed as a DSE assessor.

First Aid at Work

FAW is suitable for workers in high-risk environments, such as building sites, manufacturing, or warehouses.

Manual Handling

For staff undertaking regular manual handling, transporting, or supporting loads by hand or bodily force.

Fire Awareness

A course for all employees, designed to raise awareness of fire risks and prevention.

First Aid

(EFAW) is for low-risk workplaces and is recommended for staff required to be emergency first aiders.

Asbestos Awareness

'Category A' training for employees likely to disturb asbestos whilst carrying out their duties.

Legionella Awareness

Helps duty holders understand their legal responsibilities and the health risks created by Legionella.

Hazardous Substance

An awareness course designed to give workers knowledge of risks surrounding hazardous substances.

Accident, Incident, Reporting & Investigation

This course is aimed at those who will either lead or assist in the investigation of accidents and incidents in the workplace.

Construction Design & Management

The Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015 place specific responsibilities on duty holders, including designers and contractors.

Work at Height - Ladders & Stepladders

Raise awareness of the dangers associated with ladders and the practical steps that can be taken to minimise and control risk.

Experts In the field

Experts work with you to align training content and activities to achieve your organisation’s learning objectives.

Flexible Presentation

Delivering bespoke courses at your premises, or in our training suite.

Supporting Documents

All courses are supported by training guides, comprehensive documentation, and certification.

Effective people management fuels success.

Practical and Insightful HR Training Courses Delivered by Employment Law Experts.

HR is a fundamental necessity in reinforcing, developing, and improving company culture.

We cover a wide range of topics affecting your day-to-day operations.

Have you considered a fully bespoke H&S Service Plan?

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We will work around the clock 365 days a year, assisting you with H&S management, risk assessment support and accident prevention in your workplace.

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