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Employment Law, HR and Health & Safety Training Courses

Kingfisher Professional Services bespoke HR, Employment Law, and Health & Safety training courses are an invaluable resource.

Every year, our in-house training and coaching equip organisations with the knowledge and tools needed to effectively manage employee issues and improve safety management.

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Kingfisher Professional Training provides an added layer of security for employers

We teach IOSH Managing Safely Courses to build confidence and enthusiasm for workplace safety.

We deliver HR Management Training Courses to key personnel, developing their skillset to manage complicated HR issues.

We have 20 courses to choose from, covering a wide range of Employment Law, HR, and Health & Safety subjects.

Every Training course improves and motivates your team

Training is a fundamental necessity and reinforces, develops, and improves your culture, whilst developing your talent pool and protecting your brand.

Employment Law and Health & Safety experts work with you to align training content and activities to achieve your organisation’s learning objectives.

We offer a flexible solution,  delivering bespoke courses at your premises, our training suite, or virtual.

All courses are supported by training guides and comprehensive documentation.

Health & Safety Training Courses

The law requires every company to arrange for the provision of comprehensive advice regarding Health & Safety.

Our awareness courses help you solve real health and safety problems in the workplace using practical and effective tools, processes and knowledge. 

Employment Law & HR Training Courses

Human Resource is a fundamental necessity in reinforcing, developing and improving company culture.

Our HR Training improves a core function of your organisation by fueling the security and wellbeing of your employee, whilst legally protecting the employer.

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