Retention & Recruitment for the Digital & Tech Industry

At Kingfisher, we specialise in supporting businesses in these industries. Our services focus on recruitment and retention strategies. We also provide solutions to the challenges of acquiring and keeping top talent. We offer expert employment law and health and safety advice. Additionally, we provide tailored courses to attract skilled professionals. Moreover, we install retention programs to ensure their continued commitment to your company. Partner with us to strengthen your workforce and gain a competitive edge in retaining valuable talent.

Training Courses

Our tailored training programs enhance employee skill sets. As a result, these attract top talents seeking growth opportunities. By investing in professional development, companies in gaming, tech, and IT foster a skilled workforce. This, in turn, elevates recruitment appeal and employee retention.

We Offer HR Training

As many companies have increased in size and profit in the last 18 months, it’s important to have identified a skill gap. This gap is evident in promoted managers and their lack of HR skills and experience. At Kingfisher, we can design and tailor a training package to suit your business.

Offers Expert Employment Advice

Our specialised employment advice ensures compliance and best practices in gaming, tech, IT, and software development sectors. By navigating legal complexities, we fortify recruitment efforts. Additionally, we enhance employee retention by fostering a fair workplace.

“We have been working with Kingfisher for a number of years now. We have found them to be efficient, reliable and professional.”

– Delores Coombs – Step Ahead Services Ltd
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The Struggle

Employers in gaming, tech, IT, and software development face recruitment and retention challenges without proper support in employment and health & safety laws. Inadequate compliance leads to legal risks. This can harm the company’s reputation and attractiveness to potential hires. Without robust adherence to health and safety laws, employee well-being could be at risk. This situation may lead to accidents and potential legal actions. This can deter new talent and prompt existing employees to seek safer environments.

Non-compliance affects recruitment by making businesses less appealing to top talent who seek secure and legally sound workplaces. High turnover due to legal issues or safety concerns impacts the team’s stability and productivity. Partnering with us will ensure legal compliance. It fosters a secure work setting and attracts and retains skilled professionals. This support reassures employees of their safety and rights. It enhances the company’s reputation and competitiveness in these demanding industries.

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How We Help

In the dynamic sectors of gaming, tech and IT, Kingfisher Professional Services offers critical support to employers and businesses. Our expert advice ensures compliance with complex employment laws and health & safety regulations. By partnering with us, companies mitigate legal risks, maintain a secure work environment, and attract top-tier talent.

Our services address the struggles faced by businesses in these industries. We streamline legal complexities, reducing the chance of legal entanglements. Ensuring compliance and providing clear guidance fosters a workplace where employees feel secure and valued, supporting morale and reducing turnover. Our tailored solutions enable companies to navigate the intricate legal landscape, positioning them as preferred employers in competitive markets. With Kingfisher Professional Services, businesses in these high-stakes industries thrive, attracting, and retaining skilled professionals while building a reputation as compliant and supportive workplaces.

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Your Partner in Compliance

Facing the complexities of HR, Employment Law, and Health & Safety can be daunting. Kingfisher Professional Services offers the expertise and support needed to navigate these challenges successfully, ensuring your business thrives in a compliant, risk-managed environment.