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Fire Risk Assessment for Any Type of Business Premises

If you own, manage or operate a business, you must comply with fire safety laws.

A fire risk assessment is about understanding the potential risks and improving your fire safety precautions to keep employees and visitors safe.

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How can Kingfisher Professional Services help?

Kingfisher Professional Services can provide and conduct a comprehensive fire risk assessment of your premises. The visit results in a thorough assessment of the associated fire risk.

Further, the report will evaluate the significant findings and give a subjective assessment of:

  • The risk of a fire occurring; and
  • The risk to people should a fire occur

Where the evaluation of the significant findings indicates more needs to be done to:

  • Remove or reduce the risk of a fire occurring; and
  • Remove or reduce the risk to people from a fire

Then ways to achieve this and comply with the current standards will be identified via a clear and prioritised action plan with suggested time scales of improvement.

We Deliver fire awareness Training courses

Our Fire Risk Awareness course is ideal for all employees, designed to raise awareness of the dangers associated with fire and the practical steps that can be taken to minimise and control the risks that fire presents.

Learn about your business’s legal requirements, discover common causes of why fires start in workplaces, know how to prevent, and detect danger using the equipment. 

We also cover the use of fire extinguishing equipment and deliver every course via an interactive classroom discussion and candidates will be continually assessed throughout this process.

The course is 3-4 hours in duration, and we take on a maximum of 12 candidates at a time. 

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