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Feeling the Heat? Three Top Tips

As the sun has come out and temperatures are rising some employers may be thinking about whether there are any quick and easy steps they can take to help employees to stay comfortable and productive. With this in mind here’s three simple tips you may wish to consider in your organisation.

  1. A bit hot under the collar?

Where appropriate you may wish to consider temporarily relaxing your dress code to enable employees to dress more comfortably for the weather. If taking this step, to help things go smoothly, it’s a good idea to clearly communicate what the relaxed rules are, that they are temporary and when they are expected to end (or that employees will be notified when the usual dress code will come back into force).

  1. Give a little reminder

Reminding employees to keep hydrated is a simple step but it can be beneficial. Employees can overlook hydration when they are focussed on their tasks, particularly if they are busy. Staying hydrated will not only help employees to feel better but helps with concentration too.

  1. Be alert

Some employees may be more affected by the hot weather than others, with this in mind it’s important to be alert to employees who may benefit from additional measures and to act appropriately, for example if a reasonable adjustment is required for a disabled employee.

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