Institution of Occupational Safety and Health. The Institution of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH) is a British organisation for health and safety professionals. Their aim is to ensure that global work practices are safe, healthy and sustainable.
To this end, there are 2 key courses that are applicable across all sectors at all levels; Working Safely and Managing Safely.
The Working Safely course covers the basics of health and safety for all employees, while the Managing Safely course is aimed at managers, team leaders and supervisors.

IOSH Working Safely

Who: Workers at any level where health and safety is critical to their role.
Duration: 1 Day

Content: Topics include identifying potential issues to taking practical steps to limit them wherever possible. Especially useful to new employees working in a new workplace environment and its associated risks, but it is also a useful source of information for those who have been working for some time.
Aim: To Show employees how they can make a difference to their own and others’ well-being through everyday actions.
The course focuses on best practice in the workplace rather than on legislation.

IOSH Managing Safely

Who: Supervisors, managers and heads of department
Duration: 3 Days

Content: From a business perspective, gives a detailed step-by-step guidance without the jargon. The content is practical, allowing managers to gain the confidence they need in helping keep their staff safe.
Aim: To give attendees the knowledge and tools they need to effectively manage their team’s health and safety. It also aims at assisting them to encourage their teams to appreciate the importance of safety measures in the workplace, improving the company’s safety culture.