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Receive Disciplinary and Grievance Advice from an Employment Law Expert

Do you suspect an employee is not happy with the conduct of the company? Has an employee’s recent behaviour warranted disciplinary action?

Protect your business with commercial, solution-driven disciplinary and grievance support. Receive comprehensive advice from a team of Employment Law experts.   

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Workplace Disciplinary and Grievance Support

Quick decision-making is easy when your Grievance and Disciplinary Procedures are managed with confidence.

Reduce risk by discussing a grievance or disciplinary issue with an Employment Law expert and have peace of mind knowing every case is carefully handled.

Every day, we assist and advise organisations with staff disciplinary procedures inclusive of written warnings through to dismissals for gross misconduct.

Our fully qualified HR advisors are available, to support you with legal advice based on the ACAS code.

We review grievances and provide your organisation with our recommendations, so you can make a commercial and informed decision on the outcome and necessary actions to be taken.

Disciplinary and Grievance Advice Tailored To You, Your Business And Your Industry

We support thousands of management teams, solving conflict and/or contentious issues with pragmatic and prompt advice.

Our disciplinary and grievance service forms part of a fully functioning, solution-driven commercial package, guiding you through the complexities of Employment Law and HR Management.


Unlimited support from an Employment Law & HR industry expert, 24/7 and 365 days a year.


Immediate, fixed-fee and cost-effective support to assist you with any issue.


Tribunal Preparation & Representation available by skilled advocates.


Kingfisher Professional's service plans are unrivalled.

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