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Flexible Working Requests

More employees are requesting flexible working to alter their place of work or hours of work. We can help ensure your understanding of flexible working processes is up-to-date.

Reviewing requests to determine if they can be granted or declined is daunting for employers. Kingfisher can help guide you through your statutory obligations.

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Flexible Working Advice

Some employees are enticed by four-day working weeks or a more flexible hybrid working pattern.

Not all requests will suit your business requirements. Your Employment Law expert is here to guide and counsel you, enabling you to make an informed decision.

Kingfisher Professional takes the burden out of deciphering flexible working requests and can ensure you follow the necessary procedures when deliberating such requests.

Have you received a Flexible Working request? Understand both parties legal rights with our advice.

As an extension to your business, we pride ourselves in identifying potential Employment Law threats early, thus avoiding potentially costly tribunal claims.

We will discover the cause of an ongoing problem, easing the pressure of management time and the costs associated with statutory leave requests.

Our free 15-minute HR consultation will assess your requirements, and help you find an immediate resolution. 


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Immediate, fixed-fee and cost-effective support to assist you with any issue.


Tribunal Preparation & Representation available by skilled advocates.


Kingfisher Professional's service plans are unrivalled.

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