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Performance Management Support

Poor performance management is a common problem for employers.

We assist businesses with solution driven outcomes to combat ongoing capability issues.

We assist in the design of performance improvement plans and necessary formal processes to challenge performance issues.

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Legal advice for HR Managers

Is your business suffering from poor employee performance?

Overcoming tough challenges relating to poor performance management feels less daunting when Employment Law Mentors are available 24/7.

We will coach your supervisors to efficiently handle difficult conversations, identify core issues and reverse underperformance.  

Before acting, lean on our jargon-free, HR advice and find comfort in knowing commercial options are available for quick results.

Improve Business Productivity

Is Remote/Hybrid Working affecting Productivity?

If you wish to change your working model, there are certain contractual rights and processes you need to bear in mind. 

We will shine a light on every process and/or procedure, ensuring you find the best approach in developing a low-risk HR strategy, designed to engage, retain and satisfy both parties.     

Enhance Your People Strategy

Alternative commercial driven options and advice on how to halt poor performance in the early stages.

We approach poor performance by reviewing internal processes to identify achievable outcomes. With the guidance of our professionals, employers have the confidence to engage and improve performance capacity.

Receive unlimited Employee Performance Management Support when you buy a HR and Employment Law Plan

Kingfisher Professional provides direct access to expert Employment Law consultants and professionals, who will offer the best advice surrounding the complex area of employment law.

Upgrade Your HR Performance


Unlimited support from an Employment Law & HR industry expert, 24/7 and 365 days a year.


Immediate, fixed-fee and cost-effective support to assist you with any issue.


Tribunal Preparation & Representation available by skilled advocates.


Kingfisher Professional's service plans are unrivalled.

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