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Have an Employment Law Expert Draft and Negotiate your Settlement Agreement

Our Settlement Agreement Service will help you resolve or avoid an employment legal dispute quickly and effectively without repercussions.

We will strive to reach an outcome in your financial favour.

Book a 15-minute consultation to discuss our Settlement Agreement Services

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Why Choose a Settlement Agreement?

Settlement Agreements allow an employer to resolve disputes in the workplace with the benefit of protecting all parties. 

Many employers see the benefit in the use of a settlement agreement to resolve contentious issues without the cost of lengthy litigation.

Have you considered a HR and Employment Law Plan?

As an extension to your business, we pride ourselves in identifying potential Employment Law threats early, thus avoiding potentially costly tribunal claims.

We will discover the cause of an ongoing problem, easing the pressure of management time and the costs associated with disciplinaries, grievances, redundancy, TUPE consultations, and discrimination in the workplace.

Our free 15-minute HR consultation will assess your requirements and help you find an immediate resolution.


Unlimited support from an Employment Law & HR industry expert, 24/7 and 365 days a year.


Immediate, fixed-fee and cost-effective support to assist you with any issue.


Tribunal Preparation & Representation available by skilled advocates.


Kingfisher Professional's service plans are unrivalled.

Effective people management fuels success

HR is a fundamental necessity in reinforcing, developing, and improving company culture.

We cover a wide range of topics affecting your day-to-day operations.

Fully bespoke HR Service Plan

Employment law is constantly changing, our team of experts understand the commercial impact of these changes. 

We take a pragmatic, commercially driven approach, tailored to your needs, securing the best outcome for your organisation.

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