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Learning at Work Week

Workplace learning gets a thumbs up from us and there’s no better time to think about how you can support and benefit your business.

Employee training and development can help to improve performance and motivate your employees.

Increase job satisfaction and help protect your business from tribunal claims by learning at work.

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Want to encourage workplace learning? Looking for some cost-effective quick wins to impress your team? Check out these suggestions below and let’s learn from each other.

Create a Learning Loop

Feed back the knowledge! Encourage your employees to share their work experiences. By doing this, you define how the work you do now informs what you do next.

This process provides a high level perspective on implementing change.

You can review current challenges and predict future problems to improve overall efficiency.

By having your team closely involved gives a bigger sense of purpose, empowers your employee’s decision making and heightens morale.    

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Become a mentor

Share your own knowledge and create a self development programme. 

If you provide support to existing and new employees to the role now, you ensure your whole team is well equipped and able to cover each other.

We do this with our own administration so if a team member is away, a task can be picked up with minimal disruption. It’s all about building trust. 

If your business is the size where several team leaders, supervisors or managers are responsible of managing your company’s employees, then consistency is key.

Our Management HR Training course will cover the pitfalls many managers fall victim to and will help you build confidence across a whole range of HR challenges.

Make the most of your learning opportunities

If time is tight, think about how you can squeeze some learning opportunities into your day to day tasks and simply monitor the outcome.

Updates to toolbox talks, refreshers at team meetings, or bite-size learning delivered remotely during an employee catch-up can all add up.


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