Mental Health Awareness Week: Spotlight on Home-workers

Many employees are currently working from home for the first time. Whilst some will be enjoying the experience, this is not the case for all.

In a recent survey commissioned by ACAS:

  • Nearly two out of five employees working from home reported that they felt stressed, anxious or experienced mental health difficulties due to their working situation
  • One in two people working from home reported feeling isolated
  • Seven out of ten people reported feeling that they were missing social interactions with others at work

If your organisation has employees who are currently working from home, it’s important to think about ways in which you can support their mental wellbeing. If you have not already done so, mental health awareness week is a good time to identify steps you could take in your organisation. Steps don’t have to be time consuming or costly to be effective.

Depending on your business and the employees’ roles, to help prevent isolation and keep team spirit going you could take steps such as:

  • Arranging regular one-to one catch-ups with employees. This can help them to feel supported and contribute to maintaining a good rapport as well as providing employees with the opportunity to discuss any concerns they may have;
  • Encouraging employees to organise their work so that for at least some time during the day they will speak to or have interactions with colleagues;
  • Using technology to have regular team meetings and build some time into the start of these for employees to have a quick catch-up with each other. Not only can this help to ensure that everyone knows what is happening workwise, it can give employees the chance to have some of the workplace interactions that they may be missing whilst at home;
  • Allowing employees who wish to do so to arrange to take coffee/lunch breaks with colleagues over video conferencing platforms so they don’t lose touch;
  • Have some fun together as a team – this could be occasional team quizzes over video conferencing platforms or other quick non-work related activities your employees may enjoy. Whilst this will take some time out of the working day, it can help to boost moral and the feeling of connectivity.

If you have particular concerns regarding an employee in your organisation, or you would like advice on an employment law matter, please do not hesitate to contact Kingfisher Professional Services Ltd as we are happy to help.




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