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National Work-Life Week (2019) #5: Encourage wellbeing practice

There are many ways employers can encourage wellbeing at work without needing to make big or costly changes. You might want to think about whether the following could have a positive impact in your organisation:

  • Foster a sense of teamwork; if your employees feel like they can depend on each other it will help to create a supportive environment.
  • Make internal training and development opportunities available. It can help to motivate employees if they have the chance to gain new skills and experiences. Development opportunities can take many forms such as working on a new project or piece of equipment, being mentored by a more senior member of staff, or promotion if there is a vacancy available.
  • Have an ‘open-door’ approach so employees know they can talk to a manager if they have a problem. This will help to ensure employees feel supported and that issues can be addressed early.

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