Receive a Fully Compliant Health & Safety Workplace Review

Finding a practice or consultant that has the expertise and depth of knowledge necessary to provide a wide range of specialist health and safety services can be difficult.

Our highly experienced health and safety consultants provide proportionate, pragmatic health and safety advice and support to help you protect your business.


Protect Your Team

Protect Your Business

Protect Your Reputation

Employment Law is constantly changing

Our team of expert Employment Law Consultants understands the commercial impact of these changes and how to secure the best outcome for your organisation. Kingfisher Professional Services will take a pragmatic, commercial, and solution-driven approach tailored to your needs. 


Unlimited support from an Employment Law & HR industry expert, 24/7 and 365 days a year.


Immediate, fixed-fee and cost-effective support to assist you with any issue.


Tribunal Preparation & Representation are available by skilled advocates.


Kingfisher Professional’s service plans are unrivalled.

Receive Bespoke Advice, And Support With Your Health & Saftey Workplace Review

We will allocate you a dedicated advisor so you can get to know your consultant, but more importantly, they will get to know you and your business needs.

Your consultant will visit your premises and with your assistance conduct a detailed review. This will involve evaluating your data and seeing how it compares with where you wanted or expected it to be.

The areas of concern identified in the subsequent report, will enable you to see what needs improvement, and of course, what sensible steps to take for the successful implementation of any necessary actions.


Kingfisher Professional Services

The Report Includes:

  • A performance summary in a bar chart format
  • An unambiguous prioritised action plan, utilising a traffic light system
  • Clear identification of any non-compliance and proportionate advice for suitable remedial measures
  • Allocated responsibilities for key personnel within your business
  • Identification and recognition of good practice


Competitive price packages tailored to your business needs

All of our service contracts are individually tailored to your business. Take a look at the options and get in touch to discuss this further and see how we can help you.

“With employment law being such a complex area, we have peace of mind knowing that we can call upon employment law experts at any time.”


We have been using Kingfisher Professional Services for over 6 years now and we have found them extremely professional in all that they do.

Lynne Cullton

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What are the benefits of partnering with Kingfisher for my business?
    By partnering with Kingfisher, you gain access to expert advice, personalised solutions and ongoing support to help your business thrive.
    How does Kingfisher stay updated on changes in legislation affecting businesses?
    We stay informed about legislative changes through continuous monitoring of regulations, industry updates and participation in professional development activities.
    What sets Kingfisher apart from other professional service providers?
    Our commitment to delivering personalised solutions, industry expertise and exceptional client service sets us apart as a trusted partner for businesses seeking comprehensive HR, Employment Law, Health and Safety and Training support.

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