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Bah Humbug?

It’s that time of year again, the exciting annual event all managers have been waiting for! Not your workplace Christmas party but the release of Kingfisher Professional Services Ltd.’s Christmas Party Memo!

Worried your employees might think you’re a Scrooge for sending it out before your big event, that you are trying to ruin their festive fun? If their idea of fun is getting up to mischief, maybe a spot of harassment or a little festive discrimination then yes you are trying to stop it!

Remember, if an employer organises and/or pays for a Christmas party it’s likely the event will be found to be held in the course of work, as such your organisation can be liable for any harm done at the party, such as an act of sexual harassment.

Issuing a Christmas party memo isn’t being a Scrooge, after all you aren’t switching off the lights and making employees use their own candles or paying them in coal, it’s just a little reminder of the expected standards of behaviour. It will hopefully help your event to be a cracker which is enjoyed by one and all! If someone doesn’t play (snow)ball and ends up on the naughty list, issuing the memo will help you when dealing with their conduct.

Christmas Party Memo

Kingfisher Christmas Party Memo

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