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Celebrating Inclusivity at Work

Many employers recognise that investing in diversity and inclusion is not only the right thing to do for their employees, but that it can also help the business to remain innovative and competitive.

As the LGBTQ+ community comes together to celebrate Pride month many employers are thinking about what more they can do to create an inclusive environment in the future, where all employees can flourish.

The good news is that there are steps businesses of all sizes can take.

What steps can I take to be more inclusive in the workplace?

  • Actively communicate your organisation’s commitment to equality internally and externally
  • Put in place appropriate policies such as equal opportunities and anti-bullying and harassment policies and ensure these are enforced
  • Provide equality training, and refreshers, to employees and managers
  • Appreciate that it takes everyone to create an inclusive workplace – and take action to nurture an understanding and supportive environment where every employee feels able to be themselves at work
  • Ensure employees are aware of routes for reporting discrimination, harassment and concerns about equality and inclusivity and that they feel confident that such matters will be treated appropriately

To make continued progress it will be important to keep the steps you have taken under review. This will help you to identify what more can be done to make your business as inclusive as possible.



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