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A City Council Banned its Staff from Putting up Christmas Decorations

A city council banned its staff from putting up Christmas decorations on their office walls because it breaches “health and safety” guidelines.

Bradford City Council, in West Yorkshire, called a halt to its employees’ festive cheer by outlawing the sticking, pinning, or nailing of decorations to council buildings.

A Conservative group leader stated:

“The Council Grinch has arrived to ban pretty much all Christmas decorations in its buildings.”

The verdict

Following the ban, the Council revealed that the purpose of the ban was nothing at all to do with health and safety regulation.

A Bradford Council spokesman was quoted as stating:

“To make sure that we don’t have to keep spending money on fresh paint or wallpaper we ask that staff come up with imaginative ways to display their Christmas spirit without the use of sticky tape and nails.”


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