ACAS Conciliation and Employment Tribunal Representation

ACAS Early Conciliation is intended to help settle employment disputes without the parties going to tribunal. The scheme requires employees to contact ACAS before they are able to submit most claims to an employment tribunal. If the employee wishes to participate in Early Conciliation, ACAS will contact the employer to try to promote a settlement. If you are contacted by ACAS with respect to Early Conciliation Kingfisher can help, whether you are an existing client or not.

Kingfisher can liaise with ACAS on your behalf, as well as advising you as to the merits of the potential claim and possible settlement values so that you can make an informed decision about whether to try to settle the case at this stage or not.  If we do reach an agreement in relation to the prospective claim, we can also draft the settlement wording for you to ensure your organisation has the most protection possible.

Employment Tribunal Representation

Whilst the Early Conciliation process is helpful in limiting the number of claims proceeding to tribunal, there are occasions where a settlement is not possible or appropriate and in these circumstances, an individual could issue a claim in the employment tribunal.  If you receive paperwork from the tribunal, don’t panic! Our tribunal specialists can provide advice and support throughout the tribunal process to ensure your business in the strongest possible position, whether you are an existing client or not.

The tribunal process can be stressful and time consuming for all involved.  Kingfisher’s tribunal experts can give you peace of mind that the strongest possible defence has been entered on your behalf that all tribunal directions are being met and the case fully prepared for a final hearing.

We will also provide you with an honest assessment of the strengths (and any weaknesses) of your case so that you have all the facts to make a decision about whether the case should proceed to a final hearing or whether a settlement may be the best option for your organisation.

In short, our specialist tribunal service can:

  • Place ourselves on record with the tribunal so that all correspondence comes to us directly
  • Draft key employment tribunal documentation including response forms (ET3) and lists of documents
  • Prepare the tribunal bundle
  • Help in preparing witness statements and advising the witnesses on what to expect at tribunal
  • Throughout the matter, advise you as to the strengths of your case
  • Represent you at preliminary hearings and final hearings or, where appropriate, instruct a suitable barrister to represent you.

This service is available to all organisations, whether you are a current client or not. Existing clients may have the benefit of the Kingfisher Service Guarantee, subject to terms and conditions.