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Feeling Perky?

Whilst many employers choose to offer some perks to their employees, these usually tend to be along the more traditional lines of benefits such as bonuses, additional holiday or company sick pay.

Introducing benefits for your employees

However, some employers are thinking creatively when it comes to rewarding employees. Glassdoor has compiled a list of ‘10 Extreme Employee Perks’ based on employee reviews left on their site and it makes for some interesting reading.

It includes:

  • Life concierge – they will plan and help employees with social life admin tasks such as organising an outing with friends or helping them move to a new house.
  • Free food – breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks available at the office for free.
  • Paid leave for moving house – to help employees out at what is often a stressful time.
  • Onsite crèche – to support working parents.

Whilst perks such as these won’t be suitable or desirable for all organisations, if you are considering introducing employee benefits it’s a good idea to assess what your employees would really value. You may be surprised at the difference even seemingly small benefits can make when it comes to rewarding employees. As each workforce is different, it’s important to identify what will work best for your organisation.

If you wish to introduce benefits for your employees, please contact Kingfisher Professional Services Ltd to discuss your proposal. It’s important to ensure that any benefit scheme is well planned and appropriately drafted to avoid any unintended effects.

If you have any employment law matters you would like assistance with, please do not hesitate to contact your Employment Law Specialist who will be happy to help.


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