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Display Screen Equipment Training

Our Display Screen Equipment Training Courses are ideal for anyone with line management responsibilities or those appointed as display screen equipment assessors.

The course also provides practical guidance on the safe set-up and use of computer workstations for all users of the equipment.

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How is the training delivered?

Our Display Screen Equipment Awareness Course is delivered via an interactive classroom discussion, with a practical application session towards the close.

Candidates will be continually assessed throughout this process.

Course duration
The course is 2-3 hours in duration.

Who is this course for?
Anyone who has the responsibility of assessing display screen equipment.

Maximum Candidates

Course Modules

  • Legal requirements
  • Ergonomics
  • Possible health effects
  • Other risks
  • Equipment & workstation
  • Environment & comfort
  • Risk assessment

The benefits of effective Health & Safety Training for your business are enormous.

Not only will it help reduce absences, accidents, financial costs and stress, but certain training on Health & Safety is also a legal requirement.

Our H&S Training courses are delivered by qualified professionals, with years of industry experience.

Experts In the field

Health & Safety experts work with you to align training content and activities to achieve your organisation’s learning objectives.

Flexible Presentation

Delivering bespoke courses at your premises, or in our training suite.

Supporting DocUMENTS

All courses are supported by training guides, comprehensive documentation, and certification.

HR & Employment Law
Training Courses

HR training is one of the most valuable employee investments an organisation can make.

Transform your management team into HR leaders with cost-effective training courses and reduce the risk of needless tribunal claims by disgruntled employees.

Have you considered a fully bespoke H&S Service Plan?

Our Health & Safety Plan provides the best value for money, giving you access to a team of H&S experts.

We will work around the clock 365 days a year, assisting you with H&S management, risk assessment support and accident prevention in your workplace.

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