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How Can Good Leadership Help Your Organisation?

Leadership has become a hot topic lately, but it may not always be at the forefront of employers’ minds. No matter the size of the organisation or the team, good leadership matters and can make a real difference on an everyday basis as well as on a wider scale.

Here’s three benefits on how good leadership can help your business.


1. Creates a good workplace culture

Leaders at all levels of an organisation are able to strongly influence and create a workplace culture which in turn will impact on employee recruitment, retention and performance.

Good leadership with a clear message can help to inspire and motivate employees and an open and supportive workplace culture can help to give employer’s a competitive edge as it’s becoming increasingly valuable when trying to attract talent.


2. Sets appropriate standards and behaviour

Leading by example is important when it comes to setting and re-enforcing appropriate standards of performance and conduct. Whether consciously or not employees will pick up on the behaviour of leaders and it can influence their own attitudes, actions and interactions with others.

For example, an issue some employers can face is that of ‘workplace banter’ that steps over the line into harassment, it’s not unheard of for managers to have participated in or created a culture where such conduct was seen to be acceptable.

Such situations can give rise to the risk of employee relations issues and possible employment tribunal complaints. Appropriate leadership has an important role to play in helping to protect the organisation by  reducing the likelihood of issues arising.


3. Empowers the organisation and tackles workplace matters

Sometimes good leadership involves the ability to deal effectively and appropriately with difficult or contentious matters. If there is good leadership, employees are more likely to trust that matters such as grievances, disciplinaries and performance issues will be dealt with fairly and reasonably.

This can mean that matters will be brought to the business’s attention at an earlier stage making them easier to deal with, for example an employee feeling confident to confide in their manager at an early stage if they are having difficulties at work.

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