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HR Christmas Hamper

This year to spread a little cheer we have a ‘HR Christmas Hamper’ for employers to feast their eyes on. Throughout December we will be releasing some HR nuggets to tuck into and we hope you enjoy our tasty treats. Whether you’re hoping to turn handling some HR issues into a piece of cake, want to avoid getting in a pickle or are looking to put some fizz into your workplace planning, get ready to tuck in as we serve the first of our HR Christmas Hamper Legal Updates below.

Rocking around the Christmas Tree?

Many employers are choosing not to have a work Christmas party this year, far from a sense of ‘bah humbug’, often they are looking for alternative ways to reward employees instead. If your organisation is one of these employers, here are a few options you may wish to consider:

  • Having an alternative covid-secure ‘works-do’ next year – without ‘traditional’ expectations that can be attached to a Christmas party, organisations may find they have more freedom to explore different formats / activities that employees would enjoy, such as a summer picnic. It’s worth bearing in mind that employees may have different views on socialising, particularly in light of covid, so it will be important to consider the thoughts of employees in your organisation
  • Organising / facilitating a ‘secret santa gift exchange’ for those who wish to participate (there are free online secret santa organisers that can be useful, particularly if some / all employees are working remotely). As with any other ‘event’ all employees should be treated fairly and given the opportunity to participate, although it should be voluntary and no one should feel uncomfortable if they do not wish to take part. If you would like help with a Memo around expected standards of behaviour for participants (e.g. gifts should be workplace appropriate), please contact Kingfisher Professional Services Ltd
  • A gift from the organisation, such as a gift voucher, will usually be warmly received
  • If, like many, your organisation has financially had a tough year company awards can be a good way of ensuring employees contributions are recognised and they are a budget friendly option

If you have an employment law matter you would like assistance with, please do not hesitate to contact Kingfisher Professional Services Ltd as we are happy to help.


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