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Is your Organisation Planning a ‘Spring Clean’?

Spring cleaning isn’t just for homes, it’s a great practice for organisations too! Employers can really benefit from dusting off their practices, mopping up some employment issues and making sure their employees can shine.

With this in mind, we’ve put together some things you may like to include in your big spring clean. Have you thought about:

1. Reviewing your HR policies and practices to make sure they really sparkle

When was the last time you reviewed your workplace policies and practices? If it’s been a while seize the opportunity to  give them the once over – is there anything that could be improved or would benefit your organisation to change? Do your policies still accurately reflect the practice in your workplace? The last twelve months have been like no other and as we move forward it will be important for  employers to ensure that policies and practices are working as well for the organisation as they can so it’s worth assessing whether a ‘refresh’ is needed.

If you identify that changes are required and these will affect your employees or their terms and conditions, contact Kingfisher Professional Services Ltd for advice before taking action.

2. Trying to ‘iron out’ any problems

If you have identified that there are some problem areas in your workplace tackle them sooner rather than later –  leaving things to fester can often mean they get harder to manage. We understand that it can be difficult for a busy manager to squeeze an extra task into the day or that it can sometimes be difficult to know where to start when it comes to ‘tidying up’ HR issues. Remember, Kingfisher Professional Services Ltd is here to help, whether conduct has been ‘rubbish’, poor performance is being a ‘pest’ or you have any other employment law issue we can help you to tackle it.

3. Helping your employees to shine

If you are thinking about how you can get the best out of your employees and help them to shine, whether they are in the workplace or working remotely, a good place to start is to ensure:

  • Employees understand how they contribute to the organisation and what is expected of them, having clear targets and standards in place can help to motivate and focus employees
  • Employees have had the training they need to do well in their role
  • There is good communication between managers and employees and appropriate support. This can help to avoid problems from arising and allow any that do to be tackled quickly.

 4. Giving training a bit of an airing

It’s important that training on matters such as discrimination and harassment don’t become ‘stale’. As reported in a previous LU this can make it much more difficult for an employer to successfully defend the organisation if a claim is raised.  If it’s been a while since such training was given to employees, you might wish to consider giving it a refresh in the near future.

5. Making sure your records are spotless

It’s worth checking your practices in relation to record keeping. From an employment law perspective, it’s important to ensure you are keeping appropriate records as they will help you to evidence what has taken place in the event of a dispute with an employee. Should the matter reach tribunal, records that you have acted correctly can make the difference between winning and losing a case.

If you would like assistance with an employment law matter, please do not hesitate to contact Kingfisher Professional Services Ltd as we are here to help.


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