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Make it a Christmas Cracker…

Some employers may be looking at different ways to thank employees for their hard work over what has been a difficult year, if your organisation is one of these here are a few ideas you may wish to consider:

  • A virtual Christmas party – virtual Christmas parties are events conducted over video conferencing platforms. If your organisation is working remotely this could be a good way of getting your team together safely for a bit of festive fun. You could opt for a DIY version and devise your own activities or games, or you could even pay for a professional ‘hosting’ service to do it for you.
  • For next year only, offering some extra paid time off. This could for example be an extra paid day off for employees’ birthdays, (or the closest working day to it), or a ‘feel good day’ to be booked in accordance with your usual holiday rules or maybe if you have a day of the week that is usually quieter than others you could facilitate each employee finishing early once on that day.
  • A card from the company, whilst this is more traditional it’s simple and cost effective and can help employees feel that their work this year has been recognised, particularly if it is practical to include a short, personalised message.

If you have any ideas you are considering implementing and would like some advice on these from an employment law angle, please do not hesitate to contact Kingfisher Professional Services Ltd as we are here to help.


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