Mental Health Awareness Week #4: Encourage Healthy Eating

Published May 16 2019

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Healthy eating is not just good for physical health but mental health too as what we eat can affect how we feel. Whilst most people know the value of healthy eating, we all know it can be easier said than done!

Encouraging your employees to make healthy choices

To support and encourage your employees to make healthy choices you may wish to:

  • Promote healthy eating in the workplace and make information available from organisations which promote healthy lifestyle choices, such as the NHS;
  • Ensure, where possible, that there are facilities available to aid employees to eat or prepare healthy food at work. This could be by providing facilities such as a fridge, cupboards to store food, crockery and cutlery. Employees may be less likely to nip out to buy an unhealthy lunch (or do so less often), if it’s easy to eat healthily at work;
  • If you have an on-site canteen or vending machines available, you may wish to review the food and beverages that are on offer. This can help you to identify whether any changes can be made to make the options healthier / to ensure that there are some healthy options available and that these can be easily identified.

If you are interested in a health and wellbeing policy for your organisation, please contact your Employment Law Specialist who will be happy to help.