Staying Cool in a Heatwave

Published August 12 2020

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As many parts of the country are experiencing a heatwave, employers may be thinking about what steps they can take to help keep employees comfortable and working at their best. Here’s some handy hints that you might want to think about in your organisation.

  1. Chilling out when it comes to your dress code

Depending on your organisation and the roles your employees carry out, you may want to consider temporarily relaxing your dress code. Where this could be an appropriate option, allowing your employees to wear lighter clothing can make a difference to their comfort and have a positive impact on their ability to focus in the heat. Whilst employers may already have relaxed their dress codes for those working from home, a further temporary relaxation may be deemed appropriate for those who are still subject to requirements, for example because they use video-conferencing platforms to ‘meet’ colleagues or clients.

If you do decide to relax your dress code, whether your employees are physically working in the workplace or are doing so remotely:

  • You should clearly communicate what the relaxed rules are. Whilst you would hope employees would take a sensible approach it’s better to be safe than sorry. Remember dress codes for men and women do not have to be identical but the standards imposed should be equivalent;


  • When it comes to communicating when the temporary relaxation of the rules will end, you can either set an end date at the outset or advise employees that they will be notified when the usual dress code will come back into force.

Being clear can prevent issues from arising and can make it easier for you to address any problems that do occur.

  1. Travel disruption

The hot weather and thunderstorms that are forecast may cause travel problems. If your employees are commuting or travelling for business a reminder to check for disruption before travelling, plan accordingly and allow enough time for the journey can help to prevent issues arising.

  1. Keep hydrated

Reminding employees to keep hydrated is a simple step but it can be beneficial. Employees can overlook hydration when they are focussed on their tasks, particularly if they are busy or have a deadline to meet. Staying hydrated will not only help employees to feel better but helps with concentration too.

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