Tragic death of Caroline flack puts mental health in the spotlight

Published February 20 2020

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The sad news that former Love Island Presenter Caroline Flack took her own life has put mental health and suicide in the spotlight in recent days, with many articles and discussions considering what could have been done to have prevented her death.

As mental health difficulties can affect anyone at any time, employers may be thinking about how they can support employees who may find themselves experiencing poor mental health or suicidal thoughts. Whilst mental health is undoubtedly a complex area, some basic steps employers can take to help employees include:

  • Being alert to changes in an employee’s mood or behaviour which could indicate they may need support
  • Being able to have a basic conversation with employees regarding mental health
  • Being able to make employees aware of the resources that are available to them in the workplace, locally and nationally in times of mental distress

National Mental Health Organisations

We have included below the contact details of some national organisations your managers may find it useful to be aware of:

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