Employment Law and Health & Safety Support for Tech Companies

In the growing industries of gaming, tech, IT, and software development, it’s essential for businesses to remain up-to-date with developments in employment law and health and safety legislation. These modifications can influence your business operations and impact your employees. At Kingfisher, we are dedicated to helping businesses and employers navigate these new laws and regulations. Our role is to keep you updated on any modifications to existing legislation and laws. We also provide guidance on how to incorporate these new or adjusted laws into your business.

Keep Your Business Updated About Law And Legislation

You can rely on Kingfisher Professional Services to keep your business updated on employment law and health and safety legislation. We’ll keep employers informed of any changes to legislation. Additionally, we’ll help ensure you remain in compliance and well-informed.

Your Trusted Partner

Kingfisher Professional Services is your trusted partner in employment law and health and safety legislation We offer employers and businesses straightforward and practical guidance. This assures their adherence to the law. You can count on us to keep your business up-to-date and secure.

New Law Notifications

We’re committed to keeping employers and businesses compliant with new employment law and health and safety legislation. We provide direct notifications about legal changes, ensuring your business stays in compliance. Trust us to keep you updated and secure in your operations.

“Kingfisher is in our support system, we are very confident in our employment legal side of the business.”

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The Struggle

In the dynamic gaming, tech, IT and software development industries, not being assisted by Kingfisher Professional Services can pose significant challenges for employers and businesses. Without our specialised guidance, companies might find it challenging to grasp the changing terrain of employment law. They may also struggle to adjust to health and safety regulations.

This lack of compliance can result in legal complications and potential reputational damage. Moreover, failing to meet legal requirements may lead to HSE fines, tribunal awards and potential business interruptions. Employee well-being and retention could be negatively affected. Employees may believe that their safety and rights are not adequately protected. Kingfisher’s support acts as a critical safeguard against these potential setbacks. This promotes a thriving and legally secure business as a result.

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How We Help

When businesses in the games industry choose Kingfisher Professional Services, they gain a reliable partner. This partner helps them navigate the challenges of employment law and health and safety legislation. Our skill guarantees that employers maintain compliance within the evolving legal environment. This minimises the potential for legal issues.

With our prompt notifications and expert guidance, businesses can align themselves with new legislation, strengthening their legal certainty. This not only safeguards employers’ and businesses’ operations but also maintains a positive reputation in the gaming, tech and IT industries. Employee safety remains a top priority. We help companies meet their legal obligations. This allows them to focus on their core tasks within the industry with confidence and peace of mind.

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Your Partner in Compliance

Facing the complexities of HR, Employment Law, and Health & Safety can be daunting. Kingfisher Professional Services offers the expertise and support needed to navigate these challenges successfully, ensuring your business thrives in a compliant, risk-managed environment.